The Northern Territory Government’s decision to accept all the recommendations of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory was a significant commitment to delivering a productive onshore gas industry that creates local jobs and protects our unique environment.

The development of an onshore gas industry in the Territory, will allow us to also capitalise on a number of other initiatives that are already underway. These are:

Economic Development Framework

The Economic Development Framework highlights the significant opportunity this industry presents. The Northern Territory has globally significant onshore energy reserves and can contribute to improving global and national energy security, and in doing so deliver significant local economic growth opportunities.

Climate Change and Environmental Offset Policies

The government is developing climate change and environmental offset policies. They will contribute to protecting our environment as we grow and develop. The public will have the opportunity to provide feedback on these draft policies as they are developed later in 2018.

Environment Regulatory Reforms

The government has committed to a comprehensive environmental regulatory reform program. This will provide certainty and improve community confidence in the environmental impact assessment and approval system. The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority will undertake assessment of significant environmental impacts, and the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources will issue the approval.

Water Policy and Regulation Reforms

The Water Act is being amended so that it covers mining and petroleum industries. This is one of a suite of regulatory and policy changes that are proposed to provide greater certainty for users and protections for the environment.

Social Impact Assessment Policy

The government is developing a Social Impact Assessment policy that will provide guidelines for what is required and how we will identify, assess and regulate social impacts.

This policy will ensure all future developments meet the highest standards of social and cultural impact identification, assessment and management in the best interests of the community.