Reporting on Progress

Delivering this complex plan will take time. Along the way, we are building our understanding of our natural resources and social, cultural and recreational assets and pressures. We are amending and creating legislation, improving regulation and developing expertise across our agencies. We are taking the time to consult with stakeholders on policy changes and consider all potential consequences to ensure that we see an industry develop that coexists with other industries and the Territory environment and lifestyle we treasure.

Implementing all the recommendations and working with stakeholders as the industry develops requires a considered, staged approach. Some of the recommendations are requiring further policy development, stakeholder consultation and legal advice to achieve the best outcome.

The implementation program has both government and independent oversight.

Comprehensive progress reports are released quarterly, covering all six reform areas.

The progress of implementation activity is reported via statements from Ministers in addition to our dedicated website designed to provide a broad range of information, including progress reports.

Opportunities to Engage in Implementation

Territorians were great contributors to the Inquiry and we invite you to continue to participate as we work towards developing the industry.

Visit Contact us to sign up for regular updates or to find contact details for the Implementation Taskforce.

Last Updated:
02 Apr 2019