Initial policy development underway.

That in collaboration with the Government, Land Councils and AAPA, an independent, third-party designs and implements an information program to ensure that reliable, accessible, trusted and accurate information about any onshore shale gas industry is effectively communicated to all Aboriginal people who will be affected by any onshore shale gas industry. That the program be funded by the gas industry.

Target completion date

Stage 2.
To be completed by December 2019.

Reform area
Respecting community and culture
Project action
Ensuring respectful consultation, information, and negotiation
Lead agency

Action item updates

31 Dec 2018

Implementation Progress

The government will collaborate with stakeholders, including land councils and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA), to develop and commission independent information programs to inform affected Aboriginal people about any onshore gas industry.

The government will amend the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations to ensure that any stakeholder, including Native Title holders and land councils, have an opportunity to comment on draft Environment Management Plans before they are approved.

The government will consider the most appropriate legal or regulatory mechanism to seek cost recovery from industry for this program.