Maximising Regional Benefits and Local Opportunities

It is important that the Northern Territory takes maximum advantage of the economic opportunities that an onshore unconventional gas industry will bring to our remote regions.  The main way we can do this is through making sure that Territorians are well placed to provide goods, services and workers to the industry.

A growing onshore gas industry will create direct and indirect jobs ranging from technical specialists in drilling and engineering to civil works and providing services like accommodation. The prospect for Territorians to be trained and working in this industry with its global reach is a great opportunity.

To ensure Territorians are able to secure these jobs, we need to work with the industry to understand the skillsets required.  Government is working with training providers to review our higher education and vocational education training offerings and ensure that Territorians are being trained in areas the industry will need.  Education, training and upskilling will need to start now to ensure we have a pipeline of talent ready as the industry grows.

Providing the highest quality and reliable services is vital to our local business and industry competing successfully as this industry takes shape. Territory businesses have already demonstrated that they can compete on price, quality and after sales service. As it expands, the onshore gas industry will create a number of additional opportunities, ranging from environmental management to pipeline construction over the decades this industry will run.

The Department of Business, Trade and Innovation already has a suite of programs to support the growth of industry capabilities in the Northern Territory, and will develop bespoke programs once the gas industry’s plans and needs are defined in greater detail.

A collaborative approach between industry and government will support a vast array of skilled and unskilled jobs, directly within the industry and across our goods, manufacturing, services and supply networks that will exist well into the future.

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Last Updated:
04 Aug 2022