A Strategic Regional Environmental and Baseline Assessment (SREBA) is a set of research studies which address knowledge gaps and establish appropriate baselines of the current situation of the local people, along with plants, animals, water, and air quality, so that any changes over time can be measured through ongoing monitoring programs. This will give the Northern Territory Government (NT Government) up to date and accurate information to make decisions about the development of the onshore gas industry, in order to minimise impacts.

The SREBA Framework was developed in line with recommendations made by the Inquiry and describes the objectives and content of a SREBA, as well as describing the application, governance, stakeholder engagement, data management and reporting.

View the SREBA Framework PDF (39.7 MB) and consultation summary PDF (792.2 KB)

View the SREBA Factsheet PDF (1.8 MB)

For more information about the Beetaloo SREBA visit the DEPWS website.