We all have a role in implementation

As this new industry takes shape we all have a role to play, working together to create local jobs and protect the environment.

Northern Territory Government

The government’s role is to provide strong leadership and sound governance to ensure the Territory maximises the benefits of this defining moment in our development. This will involve a fundamental re-set to our regulatory environment. We must provide certainty to industry and protect the environmental, social and cultural assets that Territorians value. To do this we must increase our baseline knowledge to ensure we can effectively assess, monitor and mitigate any risks and ensure we have appropriate powers under the regulatory regime to safeguard the Territory environment. These rules must be clear and set by involving stakeholders in policy development, seeking out global best practices and setting new standards for transparency in decision making and compliance. As part of its continued commitment to building trust through transparency, the Northern Territory Government will communicate any obstacles or potential impacts, and explain risk management and mitigation options appropriately.


Effective implementation will require ongoing participation from industry. To realise the full spectrum of opportunities presented by onshore gas, industry must support the reforms outlined in the recommendations and commit to full accountability for industry practices and impacts. Industry must establish engagement practices that are participatory, inclusive and empowering, and work collaboratively and transparently with government, the community and local business.

As the industry establishes, operators with access to global expertise and leading technologies will be encouraged to transfer knowledge, and upskill local staff and businesses.

Community and local business

Throughout the Inquiry process, members of the community were regularly engaged and ultimately contributed a great deal to the report’s findings and recommendations. As we continue to implement the recommendations, it is important that we continue to engage with Territorians to ensure the industry’s development reflects Territorians’ expectations.

In particular, we will work with Land Councils to ensure the dialogue with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities continues.

Local businesses are the vital mechanism through which Territorians will capture the benefits of this new industry. For a gas industry to develop in the Northern Territory it will be critical that local businesses continue to upskill workers and build their capacity and capability to ensure Territory goods, labour and ingenuity are factored into the operations and success of the industry.

Ongoing community involvement will also ensure that opportunities presented by the gas industry are realised, including benefits for Aboriginal Territorians.

Last Updated:
28 Jun 2022