Building Trust Through Transparency

The principles of engagement, transparency and accountability are guiding our approach to implementing the recommendations. Working closely with all stakeholders, the Northern Territory Government agencies responsible for policy and regulation will ensure that accurate, reliable, and timely information is communicated, engagement is genuine, and feedback is valued and considered.

Quality engagement

We will continue to work closely with and involve stakeholders at policy, program and project level throughout the implementation of the recommendations. This approach will ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are understood so we can achieve the best outcome that directly benefits Territorians and protects our unique environment.

As we embark on reform we will remain inclusive in our engagement, using online feedback options and face-to-face meetings with community, business, industry, land councils and local government. Expert peer reviews will help us refine and improve our guidance materials.

Better access to information

To ensure transparency of gas companies’ activities and impacts on our community or environment, the government will develop a new online portal as the central point for data on industry activity and environmental, social, health and cultural baselines and impacts. The portal will receive and publish real-time data. Information will be accessible to stakeholders and communities in the Northern Territory, and appropriate governance arrangements will be in place to protect confidentiality and individual privacy.

Culturally appropriate interpreter services will be used when consulting with Aboriginal people for whom English may not be their first language.

Decisions in the spotlight

The community has the opportunity to comment on hydraulic fracturing Environment Management Plans (EMPs) before decisions are made.

To improve the rigour of decision making through transparency and accountability, members of the community are able to more clearly see how decisions are made. We will publish the rationale for decisions, monitoring data and hydraulic fracturing EMPs.

The government will adopt statutory processes to increase decision makers’ accountability, enabling people who are affected, directly or indirectly, by decisions concerning any gas development to challenge those decisions.

Real-time monitoring and compliance

Finally, the government is committed to a regulatory regime that drives accountable behaviours. Industry will be regulated and compliance monitored with results published online, on a continuous basis.

Last Updated:
28 Jul 2020