Action item 12.10



75% Complete.
Consultation undertaken on draft policy, guideline, framework, Bill development.

That road use agreements between gas companies and local NT road authorities be mandated to include safety considerations and to ensure monitoring for compliance and reporting requirements.

Target completion date

Stage 3
To be completed by June 2022.

Reform area
Ensuring accountable industry practice
Project action
Ensuring gas companies comply with our laws
Lead agency
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

Action item update

Implementation progress

As part of the review of the onshore gas industry Environmental Management Plans; the Department reviews activities, assesses the risk to existing and future transport infrastructure and road user safety; and liaises directly with proponents to ensure appropriate mitigation and monitoring measures are in place, prior to issuing road agency approvals.

This includes assessment and approval of Traffic Impact Assessments and Traffic Management Plans, review and approval of all engineering and design proposals for upgrades to the existing Territory road network or new intersection proposals and monitor and accept construction works of approved accesses or intersections.