Action item 12.13



25% Complete.
Government approval of policy/process development.

That in consultation with all local community stakeholders, Land Councils, local government and the Government, gas companies be required to provide accommodation, whether temporary or permanent, which must be completed prior to the granting of any production approvals.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2022.

Reform area
Respecting community and culture
Project action
Managing social and cultural impacts
Lead agency
Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security
Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

Action item update

Implementation progress

It is expected that information regarding impacts on accommodation requirements be provided by proponents in their Environment Management Plans (EMPs) for production activities for assessment and to inform environmental approval decisions.

Project-specific Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has developed draft guidance for its ‘Culture and Heritage Environmental Factor’ which will go out for public consultation.

Work continues on the draft ‘Communities and Economy’ factor guidance.

These factor guidance documents will outline how an SIA is expected to be undertaken by the regulator when required by legislation.

The NT Government is also developing a project-specific SIA Policy to address this recommendation.

Targeted consultation on the SIA Policy commenced in late 2019, and both draft documents are expected to be released for public consultation in 2022.