Initial policy development underway.

That ongoing monitoring and measurement of social and cumulative impacts be undertaken, with the results being made publicly available online as soon as they are available.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2021.

Reform area
Respecting community and culture
Project action
Building a comprehensive framework for social and cultural baselines
Lead agency

Action item updates

31 Dec 2018

Implementation Progress

Work has commenced to determine the methodologies for undertaking the Strategic Regional Environment Baseline Assessments (SREBAs). This work includes approval of a methodology for undertaking social, cultural and economic baselines which will inform strategic social impact assessments, and recommendations on ongoing monitoring of potential impacts. The target completion date for approval of these methodologies is mid-2019.

The assessment of individual project proposals will consider what social, cultural and economic impacts may need to be managed as projects progress into the production phase, and the regulator may include these requirements as approval conditions.