Action item 13.11



50% Complete.
Government approval for consultation on draft policy, guideline, framework, Bill.

That the Government works with gas companies, peak bodies of affected industries, and affected stakeholders to identify and resolve all potentially negative economic impacts of any onshore shale gas development on other industries.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2022.

Reform area
Planning for industry
Project action
Planning for infrastructure, services, and industry impact
Lead agency
Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

Action item update

Implementation progress

The NT Government is working with Commonwealth Government agencies to plan for potential industry development in the Beetaloo region with a strategic implementation framework under development, including an action plan to be finalised by end of 2022.

The framework will include policy, planning and physical considerations to map priorities and actions required to facilitate the development of a new industry in a remote region.