Action item 14.12



Approved by decision makers.
Recommendation implemented.

That the Minister must not grant any further exploration permits unless satisfied that the applicant (including any related entity) is a fit and proper person, taking into account, among other things, the applicant’s environmental history and history of compliance with the Petroleum Act and any other relevant legislation both domestically and overseas.

That failure to disclose a matter upon request relevant to the determination of whether an applicant is a fit and proper person will result in civil and/or criminal sanctions under the Petroleum Act.

That the Minister’s reasons for determining whether or not the applicant is a fit and proper person be published online.

Target completion date


Reform area
Strengthening regulation
Project action
Ensuring decisions are made transparently
Lead agency
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Action item update

Implementation progress

The Petroleum Act 1984 was amended in March 2019 to require an appropriate person test for the issuing of a permit.  The changes to the legislation came into effect in April 2019.