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Government approval for consultation on draft policy, guideline, framework, Bill.

That prior to the grant of any further production approvals, the Schedule be repealed and replaced with legislation to regulate land clearing, seismic surveys, well construction, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and well decommissioning and abandonment.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2021.

Reform area
Ensuring accountable industry practice
Project action
Developing transparent and enforceable codes of practice
Lead agency
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Action item update

Implementation progress

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade will amend the Petroleum Act 1984 to regulate activities that are currently dealt with in the Schedule of Onshore Petroleum Exploration and Production Requirements 2016, for matters that do not align with a Code of Practice.

Repeal of the Schedule has already commenced, with several aspects of it now found in the Code of Practice. The remaining aspects of the Schedule are still legally enforceable under the Petroleum Act 1984.