Initial policy being developed.

That the Minister must immediately notify the public of any proposed land release for any onshore shale gas exploration.

That the Minister must consult with the public and stakeholders and consider any comments received in relation to any proposed land release.

That the Minister be required to take into account the following matters when deciding whether or not to release land for exploration:

  • the prospectivity of the land for petroleum;
  • the possibility of co-existence between the onshore gas industry and any existing or proposed industries in the area; and
  • whether the land is an area of intensive agriculture, high ecological value, high scenic value, culturally significant or strategic significance.

That the Minister publish a statement of reasons why the land has been released and why coexistence is deemed to be possible.

Target completion date

Stage 2.
To be completed by end of 2019.

Reform area
Strengthen regulation
Project action
Ensuring decisions are made transparently
Lead agency

Action item update

Implementation progress

The government is drafting an amendment to the Petroleum Act 1984 to meet this recommendation. It is anticipated the amendment Bill will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly by the end of 2019.