Action item 14.35



Initial policy development underway.

That prior to the granting of any further production approvals, the Government considers establishing a one-stop-shop single, separate and independent shale gas regulator to regulate all aspects of any onshore shale gas industry in the NT (with the exception of the grant of exploration permits and the grant of water approvals).

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2022.

Reform area
Strengthening regulation
Project action
Implementing a separate environment approval
Lead agency
Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

Action item update

Implementation progress

The NT Government has approved a regulatory model where the Minister for Environment is responsible for environmental approvals for the industry, the Minister for Primary Industry and Resources retains regulatory responsibility for industry-specific operational aspects of the industry, and no change in responsibilities for oversight of general industry activities such as work, health and safety, road transport, etc.

The granting of water approvals have been addressed through changes to the Water Act 1992 as per Recommendation 7.1.

The NT Government will consider the merits of alternative regulatory arrangements after the industry indicates its potential to generate significant levels of activity and output.