Action item 7.20



75% Complete.
Consultation undertaken on draft policy, guideline, framework, Bill development.

That the Beetaloo Sub-basin SREBA must identify and characterise all subterranean aquatic ecosystems, with particular emphasis on the Roper River region.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2022.

Reform area
Safeguarding water and the environment
Project action
Maintaining and monitoring ecosystem health
Lead agency
Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security

Action item update

Implementation progress

The Strategic Regional and Environmental Baseline Assessment (SREBA) Framework PDF (39.7 MB) was released in July 2020.

Government has determined a SREBA is required for the Beetaloo sub-Basin. The Region-specific Scopes of Work for various baseline studies have been approved by the Minister for the Environment.

Work in the Beetaloo Sub-basin is being undertaken in cooperation with the Commonwealth Government's GBA program in that region, which has also funded additional ecological studies.

Stygofauna were sampled from 26 bores and two springs in the region during 2019 (under GISERA funding). Approximately 70 additional sites will be sampled during 2021-2022 to ensure a more comprehensive geographic and sampling depth coverage across the study region. The specialist stygofauna team commenced sampling towards the end of 2021 and more sampling is planned for the 2022 dry season.