Action item 7.4



50% Complete.
Government approval for consultation on draft policy, guideline, framework, Bill.

That the Government develops specific guidelines for human health and environmental risk assessments for all onshore shale gas developments consistent with the National Chemicals Risk Assessment framework, including the national guidance manual for human and environmental risk assessment for chemicals associated with CSG extraction.

Target completion date

Stage 3
To be completed by June 2022.

Reform area
Ensuring accountable industry practice
Project action
Developing transparent and enforceable codes of practice
Lead agency
Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security

Action item update

Implementation progress

National guidance for human health and environmental risk assessment will be adopted by the Northern Territory and made enforceable via amendment to the Petroleum Act 1984 and the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations 2016. Introduction of the amendment Bill into Parliament is proposed for late 2022.