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That before any further production approvals are granted, a regional water assessment be conducted as part of a SREBA for any prospective shale gas basin, commencing with the Beetaloo Sub-basin. The regional assessment should focus on surface and groundwater quality and quantity (recharge and flow), characterisation of surface and groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and the development of a regional groundwater model to assess the effects of proposed water extraction of the onshore shale gas industry on the dynamics and yield of the regional aquifer system.

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To be completed by end December 2021

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Safeguarding water and the environment
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Assessing, protecting and monitoring water resources
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Action item update

Implementation progress

A framework for undertaking a Strategic Regional Environmental and Baseline Assessment (SREBA) has been developed and a consultation draft will be released in late 2019 for public comment.  This framework will be finalised in early 2020 after public feedback has been considered.

When a SREBA is required for a specific region a Scope of Work will be approved by the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources.  
The Scope of Works for the SREBA for the Beetaloo Sub-basin will be finalised in early 2020 and will include the requirement to undertake studies of groundwater-dependent ecosystems in the Roper River region and produce a groundwater model.

This work in  the Beetaloo Sub-basin will be undertaken in cooperation with the Commonwealth Government's Geological and Bioregional Assessment of the Beetaloo Sub-basin.