Action item 7.8a



Approved by decision makers.
Recommendation implemented.

That the following measures be mandated to ensure that any onshore shale gas development does not cause unacceptable local drawdown of aquifers:

  • that prior to the grant of any further exploration approvals, the extraction of water from water bores to supply water for hydraulic fracturing be prohibited within at least 1 km of existing or proposed groundwater bores (that are used for domestic or stock use) unless hydrogeological investigations and groundwater modelling, including the SREBA, indicate that a different distance is appropriate, or if the landholder agrees to a variation of this distance;
Target completion date


Reform area
Safeguarding water and the environment
Project action
Assessing, protecting and monitoring water resources
Lead agency
Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security

Action item update

Implementation progress

Amendments to the Water Act 1992 commenced on 19 June 2019 to stipulate that authorisation for water extraction for hydraulic fracturing purposes cannot be given within 1km of an existing bore without the required landholder agreement or scientific investigation.