Initial policy development underway.


  • strategic regional terrestrial biodiversity assessments be conducted as part of a SREBA prior to the granting of any further production approvals;
  • any onshore shale gas development be excluded from areas considered to be of high conservation value; and
  • the results of the SREBA must inform any decision to release land for exploration permits as specified in Recommendation 14.2 and, upon completion, must be considered by the decision-maker in the granting of any future exploration approvals.
Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2021.

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Safeguarding water and the environment
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Maintaining and monitoring ecosystem health
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Action item updates

31 Dec 2018

Implementation Progress

Work has commenced to determine the methodologies for undertaking the Strategic Regional Environment Baseline Assessments (SREBAs). This work includes approval of a methodology for undertaking biodiversity assessments. The target completion date for approval of these methodologies is mid-2019 and will include a public consultation phase before finalisation.

The results of biodiversity assessments for specific areas will inform future Government decisions on whether specific areas should be excluded from future development, including decisions on releasing land for exploration, or the declaration of reserved blocks under the Petroleum Act (commonly referred to as 'no-go-zones').