Initial policy development underway.

That as part of a SREBA, a study be undertaken to determine if any threatened species are likely to be affected by the cumulative effects of vegetation and habitat loss, and if so, that there be ongoing monitoring of the populations of these species.

If monitoring reveals a decline in populations (compared with predevelopment baselines), management plans aimed at mitigating these declines must be developed and implemented.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2021.

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Safeguarding water and the environment
Project action
Collecting baseline data and informing regional management
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Action item updates

31 Dec 2018

Implementation Progress

Work has commenced to determine the methodologies for undertaking the Strategic Regional Environment Baseline Assessments (SREBAs). This work includes approval of a methodology for undertaking assessments of threatened species in a specific area. The target completion date for approval of these methodologies is mid-2019 and will include a public consultation phase before finalisation.

The results of assessments of threatened species for specific areas will inform future management plans and assessment of individual project proposals from industry. The government will ensure there is ongoing monitoring of populations of threatened species within onshore gas project areas. Industry will fund this activity.