Recommendation implemented.

That baseline monitoring of methane concentrations be undertaken for at least six months prior to the grant of any further exploration approvals. In areas where hydraulic fracturing has already occurred, the baseline monitoring should be undertaken at least a year prior to the grant of any production approvals.

Target completion date


Reform area
Safeguarding water and the environment
Project action
Collecting baseline data and informing regional management
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Action item updates

12 Jun 2019

Implementation Progress

Measurement of regional baseline methane concentrations in the Beetaloo Sub-basin was commenced by CSIRO in July 2018, and concluded in March 2019. CSIRO has released reports of the initial surveys for naturally occurring methane monitoring it has conducted.  The CSIRO's final report for methane monitoring is due May 2019.

The Northern Territory Government has worked with independent scientific experts to develop a Code of Practice relative to the Inquiry's recommendation. The Code is legally enforceable through the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations 2016. The finalised Code was published on 12 June 2019 and can be found  here.