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Government approval of policy/process development.

That the NT and Australian governments seek to ensure that there is no net increase in the life cycle GHG emissions emitted in Australia from any onshore shale gas produced in the NT.

Target completion date

Stage 3.
To be completed by end December 2021.

Reform area
Safeguarding water and the environment
Project action
Maintaining and monitoring ecosystem health
Lead agency
Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security

Action item update

Implementation progress

Discussions are ongoing at all levels with the Commonwealth Government to identify the range of policy options and arrangements to address GHG emissions that may be available when the industry enters its production phase.

The Northern Territory Government is engaged in a Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) project investigating options to offset life cycle greenhouse gas emissions emitted in Australia from onshore gas extraction in the Northern Territory.

A draft Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management for New and Expanding Large Emitters policy was released for targeted consultation in December 2020. Feedback on the draft is being considered.