CSIRO have commenced monitoring landscape methane concentrations in the Beetaloo Sub-basin

Issued 17 Aug 2018

Scientists from the CSIRO’s Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) have this week commenced measuring naturally occurring methane in the Beetaloo Sub-basin.
The Northern Territory Government has partnered with CSIRO’s GISERA to conduct baseline measurement and monitoring of methane emissions in line with the recommendations set out in the Final Report of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory.

The methane emissions research is the first in a series of projects expected to be rolled out over coming months that can help inform the Northern Territory’s decisions about potential development in the Beetaloo Sub-basin.
In order to provide a scientific understanding of seasonal variations, the research will include surveying in a range of seasons, across the dry, wet, and fire seasons.

Researchers will use mobile survey methods and technology on previously granted exploration permits in the Beetaloo Sub-basin area to capture this important baseline data.

CSIRO Research Director Onshore Gas and GISERA Director, Dr Damian Barrett said, “Such comprehensive information has not been available in Australia before, so this work will contribute significantly to the scientific understanding of natural methane levels in general, and provides a baseline for accurately quantifying any future industry impacts.”

Information about the recommendations specific to baseline monitoring can be found in the reform area of Safeguarding Water and the Environment. Access the implementation actions here, Safeguarding Water and the Environment

For more information about methane emission science and GISERA, please visit GISERA CSIRO

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Daly Roper Beetaloo Water Control District

The Daly Roper Water Control District has been extended to include the Beetaloo Sub-basin and is now called the Daly Roper Beetaloo Water Control District.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) water planning and engagement Director, Tim Bond, said “The extension is 41,313 square kilometres and includes Dunmarra, Elliott, Newcastle Waters to the west, Powell Station to south and Mungabroom Pastoral Leases to the east.”

The extension will establish new water management rules to people wanting to access and use water in the
extension area.

This change delivers on recommendation 7.7 of the Final Report into Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory.

Access the implementation actions for recommendation 7.7 here,

The Daly Roper Beetaloo Water Control District Gazette notice and map can be found here, Water Control District