Community and Business Reference Group Meet for the fifth time

Issued 06 Sep 2019

The Onshore Shale Gas Community and Business Reference Group (Reference Group) held its fifth meeting in Darwin on 28 August 2019.

Established to provide a forum for government to seek advice and share information, the Reference Group received updates on:

  • baseline methane monitoring and groundwater characteristics of the Beetaloo Sub-basin
  • the public comment process for Environment Management Plans
  • the progress of the Framework for Strategic Regional Environmental and Baseline Assessments (SREBA)
  • key actions to support industry development, and position NT businesses to benefit from development of the onshore gas industry, which include:
    • a study into the infrastructure and logistics required to support development of the onshore industry
    • a study to map existing industry capabilities and what work is being delivered by local firms and joint ventures to support the development of the offshore industry
    • planning for an NT Oil and Gas Service and Supply Strategy and Action Plan to identify and build local capability, strengthen local procurement strategies, workforce capability and local participation.

The Reference Group discussed the implementation priorities for 2019-20, and acknowledged that as at 28 August 2019, 54 of the 135 recommendations were fully implemented with a further 73 commenced. Communique 5 from this meeting has been published and is available here  PDF (1.8 MB)

The Petroleum Reserved Block Policy (no-go zones) is available here PDF (1.7 MB)