The Strategic Regional and Environmental Baseline Assessment (SREBA)

Issued 11 Aug 2020

The final Framework for Strategic Regional and Environmental Baseline Assessment (SREBA) has now been released and is publicly available

The SREBA Framework describes the objectives and contents of a SREBA, including governance and implementation arrangements.

The Framework presents the technical guidance notes for each of the six domains identified in the Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry (HFI) report.

These domains are

  • Water quality and quantity studies
  • Aquatic ecosystems studies
  • Terrestrial ecoystems studies
  • Greenhouse gas emissions studies
  • Environmental health studies
  • Social, cultural and economic studies, including a Strategic Regional Assessment

Feedback on the draft SREBA Framework was received from 30 organisations or individuals, with comments incorporated into the final Framework. This is described in the consultation report available on the website.

The Northern Territory Government has determined that a SREBA is required for the Beetaloo sub-Basin, before production approvals for onshore gas activities can be considered. Scopes of work for each domain of this SREBA are currently being drafted, coordinated by DENR and with input from independent subject matter experts.

These scopes will be submitted to the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources for approval as they are finalised.