Benefits for the Territory

Development of an onshore gas industry in the Territory has the potential to deliver business opportunities, jobs and training to support an improved standard of living for generations of Territorians.

In addition to growing the economy, expansion of the oil and gas industry will contribute to the Territory and to Australia through increased royalties and taxes that would help fund public infrastructure and services such as education and health, community amenities and opportunities in Darwin and regional centres.

Increased revenue and job opportunities

The oil and gas industry primarily contributes to the Territory economy through generation of royalties, exploration and development activities, investment in infrastructure, purchase of services and supplies, and associated employment.

Should the Territory’s onshore gas resources prove commercially viable and progress to full-scale production, the economic impact of the industry would grow substantially and bring significant investment and employment.

The sector would deliver employment opportunities across a wide spectrum including unskilled, semi-skilled, Vocational Education and Training (VET), and highly-specialised professionals, which could provide career opportunities spanning many decades.

Supporting population growth

A successful onshore gas industry would contribute to population growth in the Territory through long-term career opportunities to help retain local families and incentivise new families to relocate to the Territory.

Population growth will underpin the Developing the North Strategy and deliver benefits to other industries and regional communities.

This growth would cascade into improved demand across construction, retail and hospitality sectors, and improved health and lifestyle opportunities in remote and regional communities.

The Territory will benefit from increased Indigenous training and employment opportunities, particularly in regions adjacent to prospective resources, including Katherine, Elliott and Tennant Creek which are in proximity to the prospective Beetaloo Sub-basin.

Social and community benefits

A successful onshore gas industry would have a positive impact on social infrastructure. Sustained population growth and increased revenue streams to the Territory Government promises increased funding for education and training, sporting and community facilities, health facilities and health services.

The sector would also contribute to better public infrastructure, including roads, rail, telecommunications, air services and improved tourist infrastructure.

There is also opportunity for business diversification, through access to additional water resources, revenue streams, and greater efficiencies in public infrastructure.

A successful onshore gas industry would support economic independence for the Territory through revenue generated from development activities as well as energy security through availability, affordability and reliability of gas supplies.

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