Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory

Statement about decision

The Northern Territory Government has determined that hydraulic fracturing of onshore unconventional shale gas reservoirs may proceed under very strict conditions and in tightly prescribed areas.

After careful consideration of the Final Report of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing of Onshore Unconventional Reservoirs in the Northern Territory, including the nature and extent of identified risks and the 135 accompanying recommendations, the Government supports, or supports
in-principle, all recommendations.

Protection of our natural environment is paramount. The Final Report emphasises that a robust and trusted regulatory framework is the principal way by which Government can ensure any onshore unconventional shale gas industry can safely develop in a manner which protects the environment and meets community expectations.

Delivering the complex regulatory framework will take time and no hydraulic fracturing of unconventional reservoirs will occur until a required regime of recommendations have been implemented.

The Inquiry’s recommendation about no-go zones has been supported and there will be no hydraulic fracturing in areas including in National Parks, Conservation Areas, Indigenous Protected Areas, towns, residential and strategic assets, and areas of high cultural, environmental or tourism value.

Response to recommendations

Find out more details about the Government’s
support / in-principle support for each of the recommendations in this fact sheet.

Next steps

Implementation of these recommendations requires careful management and coordination. The Department of the Chief Minister will establish an implementation team to plan and coordinate all recommended actions required in the Final Report.

An implementation plan to be released in July will clearly show how the recommendations will be implemented. View the fact sheet for more information.

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